Family-style Feasting in Creative Community.


A Weekend of Creativity, Community, & Connection


Freelance Retreat Chef, Custom Menu Design & Food Storytelling for Intimate Events


Candid Reflections on The Nurture Journey

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  • Nurture creates and inspires authentic, delicious, compassion-based experiences and creative community – a safe space to be nourished and show up exactly as one is.

    Let’s reimagine business models to centre wellbeing and creativity.

    We believe new solutions are revealed when intentional space is held, beauty is prioritized, and natural cycles are honoured.

    Ideas blossom when we nourish creators with good food and real conversation.

    Using food as the glue, and the communal table as an equalizer, Nurture guests connect, collaborate and ideate, in community. We break bread AND the status quo, together.

    When you set off to create anything meaningful, be it a business or a revolution, it is crucial to do so in a supportive community.

    The act of creation is a mirror that brings up all your insecurities and shadow spots around issues of worth, integrity, communication, and self care. This reality is why you need people who get it; people who see life from creative angles you haven’t considered; people who have your back.

    There are very few spaces that allow for conversations about how it feels when creating gets hard, because there is this notion that we need to present an “everything’s wonderful here” face to society. The industry is lacking in safe spaces for those who create to gather in community to talk about the intersections of their lives, businesses and creations in an honest, vulnerable, supportive way. We’re here to provide that space, to feed both you and your ideas.

    Importantly, this is not some surface level aesthetic dream ripped from the pages of some white women’s wellness magazine. Rather, it is a space where all are welcome. Here, we find beauty in the breakdown, reflect honestly on interior and global realities and use creative expression as a way through and out to inspire and build a new way forward.

    Multiple offerings in the self care & retreat industry claim the answer is in the offering. At Nurture, the offering is a safe space where you can creatively dialogue with the questions and the answers that are always and already IN YOU.

    Doing so in community with like-minded creatives forges real, honest connection and includes a ripple effect of cross-collaboration, innovation and deep, meaningful friendships.