Family-style Feasting in Creative Community.


A Weekend of Creativity, Community, & Self Care for Entrepreneurial Women.


Bespoke Retreat Catering, Food Styling, Menu Design & Consultation


Candid Reflections on Self Care & the Entrepreneurial Journey.

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  • Nurture creates and inspires authentic, compassion-based experiences and creative community – a safe space to show up exactly as one is.

    The attention to detail and beauty orients the space both actual and virtual and attendees feel nourished on all levels because all levels are considered.

    The results of attending a Nurture event are effective because of the attention paid to integrity and authenticity on all fronts. This attention is felt and experienced both tangibly and intangibly and is what creates a safe space for real human connection, which always moves, and, in this case, serves to inspire as well.

    When you start off as an entrepreneur, you are sold the “latte and laptop in my pajamas” fairy tale.

    The reality is that starting your business is a mirror that brings up all your insecurities and shadow spots around issues of worth, integrity, communication, and self care.

    There are very few spaces that allow a conversation about how it feels when being an entrepreneur gets hard, because there is this notion that we need to present an “everything’s wonderful here” face to society. The industry is lacking in safe spaces for entrepreneurs to gather in community to talk about the intersections of their lives and businesses in an honest, vulnerable, supportive way.

    Multiple offerings promise “Better Business Alignment” or “Self Care Retreats” but they claim the answer is in the offering. At Nurture, the offering is a safe space where you can creatively dialogue with the questions and the answers that are always and already IN YOU.

    Doing so in community with like-minded entrepreneurs forges real, honest connection and includes a ripple effect of cross-collaboration and new projects by retreat attendees and Nurture alumni.