The Nurture Space is a warm antidote to the cold, corporate meeting rooms, dingy church basements, or board rooms that are heavy on the fees and light on the ambience. We believe in the power of cozy alchemy: your ideas + soft lighting + warm atmosphere = increased potency, authentic connections, and a calm nervous system. We intentionally created The Nurture Space as your warm place to incubate ideas, connect with your clients, and feel supported in sharing your skillset. Welcome.


  • A trade (in-kind or service-based) in the value of $100 per 4 hour time slot. When you fill in your intake form, you can list some ideas of what you’d like to offer, and/or Nurture will reply with some suggestions if you are stuck or those offers do not feel like a fit.
  • A $5 cash contribution to the Nurture Dish Deposit Goblet (it’s sitting next to the plant right when you come in the door to The Nurture Space)


  • Access to The Nurture Space, kitchen & washroom for you and up to 10 others
  • All glassware, dishware & serving platters
  • Water carafes and hot water for coffee/tea (you bring it, I’ll brew it!)
  • A selection of table runners and/or tablecloths to match your aesthetic
  • Candlelight via strategically placed votives & tapers
  • Bluetooth speaker for background music
  • Large white wall to project onto
  • Wifi access
  • While I will be on site and available should you need support or have questions, I will be mindful of the privacy of you and your event attendees and maintain complete confidentiality.

The Nurture Space is available for only two events every month. An accessibility note that the space is on the second floor of a house, with two sets of stairs to access. Click the button below to fill out your event needs and book now to reserve your date!