Nurture: A Retreat

What Nurtures Nurture #2 – Stephanie Pellett

Stephanie Pellett is my work wife. Working with one’s best friend comes with its own unique perks and challenges, but this post speaks not only to my love of Stephanie as a person, but as a professional and what her unique brand of support has meant for my business. We are deeply compatible. In every […]

What Nurtures Nurture #1 – HoneyBook

According to my friends, this is my ‘second smile’ face. A second smile is the kind of smile you smile when you are fully at ease – there is no performance to it. While I am usually deeply happy when running my business, it’s often a ‘first smile’ happiness. The realities of bringing my business to […]

Love Letter to Creative Kindreds #7 – Melanie Hadida

Every time I connect people, I picture myself wearing a kerchief and sing “Matchmaker, Matchmaker” under my breath, consistently keeping the lights on for my inner Broadway musical. Nothing gives me more pleasure than the hunch that so-and-so and so-and-so will come together and chorus girls will sing and feet will tap and hearts will […]

Love Letter to Creative Kindreds #6 – Kim Drosdick McInnes

Dear Kim, As someone who works intimately with metals, I feel you’ll feel me on this: alchemy is real. Often, one must first literally melt down before one is able to be molded into something beautiful. This has been true in the history of running this retreat, just as it has been true in the […]

Love Letters to Creative Kindreds #5 – Erin Klassen

Dear Erin, It is a truth universally acknowledged that I probably shouldn’t plagiarize opening lines from books I love but in this case I am borrowing: it is a truth universally acknowledged that a single person, in possession of an important story their heart needs to tell, must be in want of an Erin Klassen. […]