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Your Fellow Retreaters

Sonja Seiler (she/her)

I’m Sonja, founder of Nurture, ardent lover of butter, candlelight and singing in harmony. Card carrying INFJ/Manifesting Generator. A ‘food storyteller’ at heart, I create custom menus and food experiences using food as a tool for connection and can’t wait to connect with all of you! I’m also excited to be building towards my dream of running a Nurture Farmhouse ‘coworking B&B’.

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Ari Para (she/they)

I’m Ari, a second generation Sri-Lankan-Canadian, Hindu, non-binary, queer artivist based in Scarborough, Ontario. I completed an undergraduate in Business Communications while also completing a minors in Women and Gender Studies and the Dramatic Arts. I am a jewelry designer, an ESL teacher, a theatre artist and a writer with a passion for reading, learning and unlearning.

Sarah Aranha (she/her)

I’m Sarah, an artist and maker who works primarily with watercolour, gouache and textiles. Drawing from the patterns, interactions and routines of the everyday, my work explores how we come to know a place, and how a place in turn influences the self. I run meditative stitching workshops, drawing sessions, and a series of art workshops with local galleries, schools and arts organizations.

Steph Pellett Bio Photo

Stephanie Pellett (she/her)

I’m Steph, Nurture’s Creative Producer, creative business coach and educator, and creator of The Profoundery, an online business community for thoughtful, values-based entrepreneurs. I also host the podcast, Slowpreneur: Business without the Busy. In my spare time, you can find me reading romance novels and spending time with my puppy (preferably simultaneously).

Laura Fullerton Bio Photo

Laura Fullerton (she/her)

I’m Laura, founder of Capstone Pattern Co., providing thoughtfully designed, timeless, easy-to-follow sewing patterns for modern-day makers. Sewing gives me time to reflect, the ability to make things I love, a sense of empowerment, and a way to ground myself and connect with community. It’s served as an anchor in times of uncertainty and has been a steady friend through life’s ups and downs.

Kate's Bio Photo

Kate Watkinson (she/her)

I’m Kate, a Hamilton based lifestyle and intimate moment photographer. I find inspiration in community and connection, travel, food and hospitality and love to work collaboratively to showcase local businesses that share in these values. I love coffee, neighbourhood strolls, watching documentaries, visiting local markets and dreaming up travel plans with my son Rory and husband Glen!

Valerie's Bio Photo

Valerie Tih (she/her)

I’m Valerie. Parent & Enneagram Coach at JoyFULL Coaching (Type 2 w 3wing). You know the gap between who you imagined yourself to be as a parent and the day to day reality of parenting? I help close it through shame-free courses and customized coaching. I love my Mirvish subscription, Choir!Choir!Choir!, and am a stationary perv! Looking forward to shenanigans, learning, and connection!


Marlo K. Shaw (she/her)

I’m Marlo, a fat, neurodivergent, chronically ill, middle aged mom of four (1 human, 3 feline). I’m a child protection & family lawyer, a Zoom theatre enthusiast and Writer. I really love playing around with ink, paint and papers of various textures and patterns, a view of a lake, the sounds of nature, crunchy tiny dill cucumbers, and enjoy deep, substantial conversations.

Aine Magennis

Áine Magennis (she/her)

I’m Áine. Brampton-based, I’m a communications specialist (copywriting, PR, events). I love exploring the world and meeting people – 25 countries at last count and have lived in Australia, Chile, Japan and Ireland. I’m an avid gardener, currently prepping my wee organic veg & flower garden. I love coffee shops, the arts, and resell vintage housewares on the side. I’m engaged, a step-mum and find inspiration in community and nature.

Sharon Vanin

Sharon Vanin (she/her)

I’m Sharon, a Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, and the Founder of Wellcome Home. I also run Thrive Legal Care and The TLC Source, which support entrepreneurs with straightforward, practical legal advice and solutions. I’m inspired to create something new and infuse beauty into my life everyday. It could be through art, food, spiritual rituals, my relationships, my home, my businesses . . . endless possibilities!


Taryn Sillaots (she/her)

I’m Taryn, mum of 2 and a volunteer in my community. I’m on a journey to find my sense of purpose, to feel joy and be an overall good human – and further accept & embrace these things as “enough.” I’m also a lover of butter – especially on HQ sourdough bread, and a bit obsessed with butter tarts! I love live music and my Peloton bike. This’ll be my second Nurture retreat and I am SO excited to meet and connect with some new peeps.

Janna Overend Bio

Janna Overend (she/her)

I’m Janna. A former restaurant and short-term rentals owner with 28 years of experience in the Hospitality Industry. Currently, I’m in a “healing-recovery” mode after the business sale last June. I feel most inspired in nature, on my travels and connecting with others. Simplicity and kindness are important to me.

I’m very much looking forward to a few days away with some lovely people and delicious food.

Retreat Details

Your Guidebook

A rich and informative deep dive PDF full of packing lists, preparation prompts and setting the scene for our time together.

Our Venue

A link to our retreat venue Google Map for ease of planning your arrival. Need a rideshare? Reach out to us and we’ll help set you up with a fellow attendee.

Nurture Spring Care Kit Contributors

Becka Borody of Moonshot Soap

Sara of Madam Bonbon

Nicole Kagan of Nicole Kagan Art

Andrea Locke of The Cookie Playhouse

Devon Loftus, Author of Dwell

Katelyn MacIntyre of 7C Salts

Get In Touch

Have questions in the meantime, or something you forgot to include on your intake form? Anything we can support you with before your arrival? Drop us a line here.

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