When attendees arrive to retreat at Nurture, the first thing that greets them is a pretty package nestled on the corner of their cozy, be-quilted bed. We affectionately call them ‘Self Care Kits’ and they are full of small things made with big love that help keep the spirit of self care alive once the retreat is over.

We partner with Canadian makers, artisans and store owners whose products embody the spirit of Nurture: nourishing, beautiful, quality, handmade, with an emphasis on natural and/or organic ingredients.

We love to support small businesses and get products in the hands of people who both need them and love them, at the retreat, and beyond!


  • You provide 16 items (pickup or shipping covered on case by case basis).
  • We package them prettily in our bespoke retreat Self Care Kits.
  • Self Care Kits are placed on each retreat guest’s bed at the retreat, to welcome them when they arrive.
  • Retreat guests spend this meaningful weekend interacting with your product, so it becomes a touchstone for them of this personally nourishing time away.
  • Sonja Seiler, the Retreat Founder, will interview you to learn the story of your business and the spirit behind your offering.
  • We feature your products being used at the retreat on our social media.
  • We tell the retreat attendees the story of you, your business and your product at the retreat.
  • We write a creative blog post featuring you and how your brand evokes Nurture.


  • Your products are a featured part of our retreat. They become synonymous with self care and nurturing for our attendees.
  • It’s not transactional – it’s personal and reciprocal. We take time at the retreat (and beyond) to tell your story – how you got started and why it matters to you that you make what you are making. We draw a vital connection between maker and product and create community around what you are creating in this world.
  • Your products are advertised across all our social media platforms shown being used in context at the retreat.
  • Our professional photographer will be documenting your products and we will share them. Feel free to re-post, with credit, across social media.
  • You become part of the Nurture family – we are here to uplift you, support you and tell everyone about you!