Nurture: A Retreat offers delicious day & weekend retreats created & curated intentionally to gather entrepreneurial women in community to explore the relationship between creativity & self care.

Gather with kindred spirits and immerse yourself in the creative worlds of each facilitator, who will share deeply how her own creativity informs her journey as a woman and as an entrepreneur.

Step out of your head and into your heart via hands-on artisanal workshops that inspire and ignite that which is dormant or needs expressing in you.

Leave feeling rested and fed via new friends, shared organic harvest table meals and the beauty of taking space to listen to your own voice.


WHAT: Nurture Weekend Retreat

WHEN:  November 16th-18th, 2018

WHERE:  Loretto Maryholme, a gorgeous heritage house on a hill overlooking Lake Simcoe (1 hr drive from Toronto)

COST: Email to be added to the waiting list & first access to the Early Bird Special. Details coming soon!

WHO’S IT FOR?  Women Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Creatives, Artists and Leaders, (and moms!) – those of you who have spent your time and energy investing in your businesses or creative projects and find yourself at the bottom of your own priority list. This is an offering for those of you who are feeling burnt out, isolated, lacking in community, in need of creative rejuvenation and inspiration, and a sense of connecting with yourself and your own spirit again.

Nurture workshop Sarah Monika Photography


Sonja Seiler

I think every person needs a place of Self to retreat to – for me, that place is the kitchen. I call it my ‘kitchen boudoir’ – a place where I can connect, create, unfold, nurture, and share my creations as an act of love with myself and with others I care about.

I am a food-obsessed word nerd or a word-obsessed food nerd, depending on the day and love to get creative in the kitchen. Gathering people to feast around a table having conversations that matter is my ultimate happy place.

I believe wholeheartedly that creativity is a form of holy self care – that’s been the only way past my own chronic intellectual, stuck-in-overthinking-mode ways. I started Nurture out of a need in myself to work alchemically with my darker, needier, or unmet parts. I immersed myself in the transformational ‘schools’ of playing with food, playing music, playing with words on the page, and that lead me to want to do and learn and grow more because I started to feel more and more myself and more and more alive.

Combine this creative adventuring & soul tuning with my childhood dream of renovating an old farm house and building a bed & breakfast for creatives, and the seedling of this company was born. I want to nurture: Community. Connection. Creativity. Collaboration. This is what feeds me. Oh and butter. You could court me with butter.


Instagram: @nurtureretreats

Bio Photo by: Amber Ellis of Creating Light Studio


Nurture Video from Nurture: A Retreat Spring 2016 captured and edited by Amber Ellis of Creating Light Studio on site at Loretto Maryholme Spirituality Centre.



Nurture came at a perfect time. I’ve been going through a lot personally, and haven’t been making enough space to really process it all, trying to keep it all together so I can get through my weeks. This seeps into my professional life, where I’ve been feeling tapped out and uninspired. As soon as I arrived, I knew this was a space where I could unfold, unravel, and be with whatever came up because it would be contained, by the space, and by the women who were there. While you know I am a skeptic, there may be something about my energy now, having made some space for myself, that is drawing people in, more than it otherwise would have when I was feeling emotionally blocked.

I’ve described Nurture to several friends and each time the feeling of being taken care of, through the food, the other women, and the space comes through. I described it as a womb-like space. It is a container for you to be. To be held, contained, carried, loved. However you are in that moment, with whatever you need in that moment, you are welcome. From the moment you walk in, you feel embraced. The food is so special and nourishing and creative. The meals shared over the harvest table rather than hastily prepared and eaten while scrolling through your phone. The time and space to tune in to your needs, to wherever you are in that moment, and to meet those needs through reading, walking, napping, laughing, journaling.

It is for women who sometimes struggle to meet their needs because they’re focused on accomplishing goals, helping others, doing important work in the world. They sometimes forget that they are allowed to have needs, to meet their needs, to realize that their needs are okay, that all of themselves are okay. For women who have done some personal growth work and are on that inner journey, looking to more deeply connect with themselves and with others in deep and meaningful ways. It’s remarkable that this feeling of safety, of a net, a womb, is established so quickly, and I think that’s because of you and the depth of your inner work.

Thank you for creating this incredible experience and inviting me to be part of it. It was everything I imagined and more. I’m so deeply grateful.

– Or, Art Therapist & attendee at Nurture: A Retreat Spring 2017