At Nurture, we intentionally partner with women* whose unique expression of creative talent influences, inspires and informs her life: as a business owner and in her own personal and professional development. We’re inspired by YOU, your photography, and the way you see the world and would love to have you join our team! *including any who identify as women


Nurture is magic. The community that is built through the friendships forged over this soulful weekend of creativity, sensuality, good food and warm togetherness is potent. Nurture inspires a delicious ripple effect beyond any networking opportunity we’ve found out there. It’s also literally delicious, as shared decadent harvest table meals provide the foundation for our connection. One of our recent facilitators, Kathryn Bondy, put it this way: “I think what stands out about being on the Nurture team is the bonds you form – for sure with the attendees, but so strongly with the other team members: you get a deep sense of shared fate. It feels fated that you meet and connect and grow together personally and professionally once the retreat is over.” Each Nurture Team cohort is specially curated to encourage connection and cross-pollination of your unique blend of talents and personalities. We think you’d flourish here!


At Nurture, we seek to explore creativity as alchemy. We believe deeply in the nourishment provided by working with our hands and our hearts to make something beautiful. Through the act of creating, we hold space for our light and our darkness, our struggles and our triumphs, and delve into how we can intentionally work with and through the reality of the full spectrum. We also have a ton of light-hearted, playful fun! We like to skip the prescriptive shot lists and go straight to the heart of things. YOUR heart. While we do provide you with a helpful guide, our foundational creative prompt is for you to shoot what lights you up and moves you while you enjoy your own retreat. We want to see Nurture through your eyes!


  • Attendance at our (mandatory) Team Dinner Meeting (date TBD)
  • Support for other workshop leaders and set up/take down needs as needed/appropriate, with the full support of the Retreat Founder and Retreat Assistant. It’s fun, it’s creative, collaborative, and abundant with good vibes.
  • Documentation of the retreat photographically according to your own inspiration (a small number of specific shots may be requested and agreed upon in advance with the Retreat Founder, ie: shots of sponsored products in context of retreat – you will receive a Nurture Retreat Photo Guide PDF)
  • An edited gallery of the best of these photos (suggested image count of 150-300) shared with the Retreat Founder in a timely manner and license for Nurture to use them (always with full credit).


  • A cozy meet & greet Nurture Team Meeting dinner a few months (date TBD) before the retreat: candlelight, wine and all the info you need at The Nurture Space (near Dundas West Station).
  • Coverage of your full ticket to Nurture (regular tickets valued at $1047 + up)
  • Features and promotion across all of our social media channels and website to share about you and what you do and what makes you and your creative process resonant.
  • A private Nurture Team overnight retreat the night before the retreat proper to get grounded, relax, and set up the venue in an intentional, leisurely way. Nurture Team members stay in shared accommodations in a separate, private, cozy cottage on site.
  • A Nurture “Self Care Starter Kit” gift bag full of curated items by local makers and artisans.
  • Sumptuous meals prepared intentionally with your special dietary needs in mind.
  • Full access to all workshops & retreat activities.
  • In every case, your images will be fully and appropriately linked and credited. You retain full copyright of the images.
  • Fruitful, meaningful connection with incredible women and membership in the Nurture community at large: collaboration, cross-pollination, and all manner of creative partnerships, opportunities and friendships post-retreat.


“Nurture is coziness. Nurture is community. Nurture is learning about yourself in ways you never expected. It’s allowing yourself to be as open as you feel comfortable with, or as private as you feel you need, but at the same time knowing you are safe. Each moment provided an opportunity to connect with people in a different way. For example, during downtime and while setting up my workshop, I was able to connect with the other facilitators. During meals and downtime, I was able to sit and chat with different ladies. There was always an opportunity to connect. Nurture, in some magical way, becomes whatever you need it to be at that moment in your life.” – Melissa Condotta, Sunday’s Company


“I was so honoured to lead a calligraphy workshop where I was able to share my passion for this art form and spark an interest in others. Nurture is a true labour of love. Sonja carefully crafts a weekend that nourishes your creative spirit and your tummy! Everything about this weekend has a tremendous amount of care and thought behind it: from the colourful, beautiful meals to the personalized, welcome care packages. So often in our busy lives we forget to take time out to simply play and learn new things. This weekend reminded me of the importance of play, especially in community with other women. Perhaps the most surprising thing was that I came away from the weekend with a bunch of new friends who I still keep in touch with. Sometimes we just need a little nudge to remember our creativity, and the sense of joy and healing that comes from exploring it. Nurture is that nudge.” – Catherine Cachia, Calligraphy & Hand Lettering


“As soon as I came across the Nurture Retreat website, I knew I had to attend! Everything spoke directly to my soul, the heart-filled descriptions of the workshops, the gorgeous imagery captured from the retreat before, and most importantly the deep act of nourishing weaved into every part of the weekend. I ended up being a facilitator for the flower crown + portrait workshop and it was an absolute dream. The space that Sonja has created for women is truly special and healing down to the bones. I was so honoured to be a part of the magic she has created. And would recommend this weekend to anyone in need of a nurturing space for their mind, body and soul to be deeply cared for and to learn what it means to truly care for oneself (all while eating DELICIOUS food, and playing creatively all weekend long!).” – Amber Ellis, Creating Light Studio