Hearth – Homemade Granola Workshop: working with, not against food restrictions. Seeing limitations as an invitation to love instead of focusing on lack in the kitchen and in life. Facilitated by Sonja Seiler (@nurtureretreats)

Quill – Calligraphy and Hand-lettering Workshop: bringing the evocative power of words to life. Facilitated by Catherine Cachia (@catherinecachia)

Lantern – Flower Crown & Inner Light Portrait Workshop: expression through flowers and photography. How connecting with our own versions of beauty illuminates us and how we bring this light to the world. Facilitated by Amber Ellis, Creating Light Studio (

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Loam & Blossom – Intuitive Movement Workshop: playing in the rich spaces of the in-betweens, combining the blend of movement & energy in ways that allow the body, mind and spirit to evolve harmoniously. Facilitated by Vanessa Faria (@vaness.faria)

Gorgeous & evocative photographs by the talented Liat Aharoni Photography (@liat.a)