Facilitated by: Julia Nethersole (she/her), journaling workshop facilitator and ritual artisan for life’s big moments

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Working with: journaling, ritual-building, intentional ceremony

Anchored in the belief that when we meet our own needs, we are better equipped to show up for others, Julia and her work with Glass Full brings humans together in the spirit of soul-deep self-care. Julia finds meaningful and creative ways to build ceremonial spaces (virtually and in real life) for people to feel seen, heard, connected, and cared for, showing others that we pour out most powerfully if we are full. Her mastery is in laying the groundwork for soulfully navigating liminal spaces and rite of passage moments, inviting bravery, beauty and mindfulness. We’ve all been through a lot these past few years, much of it unacknowledged or set aside for competing priorities. Together, we explored what needed opening or closing, action or surrender, and, through writing, reflection, meditation and custom ritual, we built personal maps to help us navigate where we’re headed next.


Facilitated by: Talia Silva (she/her), ceramist

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Working with: clay and paint

Talia spends her days with her hands deep in clay, creating objects in porcelain and stoneware to encourage wonder, contemplation and meaningful connection between object and person. Tactile and whimsical, the objects playfully inquire about one’s place in the natural world and reflect on the temporal and cyclical nature of being. No stranger to the life-death-rebirth cycle at her pottery wheel, she interacts with what is brittle, pliant, flexible and fired up – in her studio and in her life. There is beauty in the breakdown of her creative process, as remnants or projects that didn’t quite spin or fire properly are broken down and reintegrated to form the foundation for new creations. Together, we explored the metaphors inherent in working with clay during all its stages.


Facilitated by: Romina Kwong (she/her), Founder, Lead Consultant and Speaker of Eco-Friendly Events, a consulting agency that supports event organizers and businesses by bringing a holistic, accessible and realistic approach to implementing green initiatives.

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Working with: (eco)systems for hosting in support of a happier, healthier lifestyle and planet

As we re-learn how to meaningfully gather after years spent apart, it’s become clear that we must also consider the impact that our gatherings have on both our nervous and ecological systems. Crucially, Romina’s focus is on increasing connection – not only out of respect for the finite nature of our typical ‘throwaway’ resources (and adopting creative alternatives) but with one another. Together, we learned creative methods in which our social gatherings can be structured to support heartfelt community while also supporting social and environmental justice. We looked at ways of minimizing hosting anxiety and environmental impact simultaneously.


Facilitated by: Sonja Seiler (she/her), Founder of Nurture

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Working with: yeasted dough, reimagined pantry ingredients & creative ‘best’overs

Aside from her calling of ‘feeding people who create’, Sonja is equally passionate about finding ways to reimagine what’s in the fridge and pantry as a creative act and setting up kitchen spaces so they intentionally support the rhythms of daily life. At a time where grocery prices are dear and daily menu planning bandwidth is low, Sonja’s approach to meal prep not only significantly minimizes food waste, it increases agency in the kitchen and prioritizes connection. Together, we learned ways to feed ourselves, our creativity at large and anyone else we’re nourishing. We also used kitchen scraps that would normally be waste to create beautiful artisanal focaccia bread.

Gorgeous photos by Amber Ellis of Creating Light Studio