The inaugural Nurture: A Retreat featured the following talented facilitators & photographers:

Hearth – Homemade Ricotta & Pasta from Scratch Workshop: how to embrace the ‘meantimes’ in cooking and in life. Facilitated by: Sonja Seiler (@nurtureretreats)

Garden – Floral Design Workshop: imperfections, finding beauty in the mundane, turning the prosaic into poetry and living for each moment as it passes. Facilitated by Jessica Payne, A Fine Medley (@afinemedley)

Parlour – Art Journal Workshop: documenting the messy in a beautiful way, manifesting our desires & purging our emotional junk. Facilitated by Amy Leigh, art therapist, Fate-Filled Times (@leigharttherapy)

Field – Homemade Apothecary Workshop: how herbal remedies help inspire, support and maintain health throughout one’s journey. Facilitated by Tahlia Dyer, community herbalist, Sunfire Herbals(@sunfireherbals)

Gorgeous & evocative photographs by the talented Alyssa Wodabek (@alyssanicolew) & Evonne Bellefleur(@evonneb)