Seasons change and so do we.

Nurture: A Retreat workshops change with each retreat & embrace the spirit of each season’s offerings: Spring invites feelings of new beginnings, fertile creativity and inviting colour and life back into areas that haven’t been blessed with it in a while.

Here’s a taste of what Nurture feels like – a glimpse into our past Spring 2016 retreat:

Nurture Retreats – Spring 2016 from Amber Ellis on Vimeo.

Video captured by the talented Amber Ellis of Creating Light Studio from our Spring 2016 Nurture: A Retreat. Music is ‘Heal’ by Tom Odell.


The workshops for the retreat invite you to access and explore areas of potent creativity where the light of loving self care has yet to shine.

You are in good hands: each workshop has been crafted with care for this retreat by women who consciously embrace their personal creative expressions as a way into themselves and out of life’s inevitable storms, unanswered questions,  and dead ends.

This personal creative ‘compass’ guides and nurtures each facilitator through the seasons of owning their own business and how those seasons affect their lives as a whole. They’ll share how it’s transformed their relationships with themselves, their businesses and their loved ones and offer you actionable ways you can embrace your own creativity as a potent form of self care.

You will be replenished by the magic that happens when women gather to make & share in community.

You will learn creative skills, yes, but more importantly, you will be offered the space, the time, and the loving support to start drawing your own map for whichever season you find yourself in.

HEARTH – Cooking with love & intention feeds body & soul. Taught by Sonja Seiler.

  • As entrepreneurs, it’s sometimes easier to mindlessly gulp down a meal while staring at a screen, reach for a pastry at your coffee shop office and call it ‘lunch’ or eat boring meals because they seem easiest to prepare. This is a cooking workshop centred around infusing meal preparation with love & attention: encouraging connection & fellowship to nourish you on every level.
  • We’ll learn about conscious food choices & work with recipes that satisfy the palate & nurture the body: working WITH, not against, allergies & food sensitivities. Translating any “-free” you’ve been living with into true freedom, not restriction.
  • We’ll let ourselves relax into ‘tending to’ & ‘waiting with’ & learn how recipes are wonderfully alive with opportunities to care for yourself in the ‘in-betweens.’
  • You are invited to join in the food preparation for the retreat meals at your leisure – the kitchen at Loretto Maryholme is a magical, communal space that invites deep conversation, laughter & lots of love gets infused into the food. Meals are shared around a large harvest table laden with delicious vegetarian dishes made with fresh, organic, locally-sourced ingredients.

PIGMENT – Natural Dyeing:  Steeping in what is Revealed. Taught by Tania Love.

  • We will be working with natural dyes and mordants to create our own patterns on silk, inspired by the cycles of nature, our own personal rhythms and cycles and what speaks to us about them.
  • Through the physical act of the dyeing process, we’ll explore the crucible of waiting, how to find the gold in the meantime, meditation and reflection through pattern and repetition.
  • We’ll be exploring how working with your hands can speak for your soul when words fail.
  • You will leave with a pride in the skills you learned, in your finished piece, and a mind filled with inspiration and endless possibilities that call you back to create more and more.

RITUAL – The Sacredness of Beginnings & Endings. Taught by Christine Russell.

  • This is a workshop that will gently attune you to the best way to start and end your day, make decisions, and honour the seasons and cycles of your business and personal life.
  • We will be exploring the healing properties of essential oils and how they can support our physical bodies and our intentions through the creation of our own personalized oil blend roll-ons.
  • Elements of movement and restorative yoga will supplement an exploration of all the senses and how they can be honoured in the creation and curation of a personal ritual.
  •  Learn to curate a daily practice that keeps you on course, grounded, and grants access to the present moment to listen.
  • Explore how moving your body fits into your daily practice to ignite and integrate; to inform your spirit and your inner knowing and how spirituality connects the two.

CHRONICLE – Confidence in Collaboration. Taught by Erin Klassen.

  • What inspires us to take creative action? We will learn how to take our creative inspirations and put them together in a way that speaks to ourselves and to others.
  • Erin will lead us in the collaborative creation of a Nurture publication – a Nurture ‘zine – that explores our own relationship, through expressive writing prompts, to ourselves.
  • An exploration of the process of showing up to our collaborative ventures with personal and professional integrity, creativity and courage
  • With Erin’s guidance as creative midwife, you will gain clarity and confidence around taking authority of your story, because whether you’ve known it or not, your story has been yours to craft and tell every time you show up in business or in your life (we believe they’re one and the same!).

All photos on this page by Alyssa Wodabek.