Honey, I Shrunk My Self Doubt

New to this adventure? Start here. Dear Nurturers, This week had me weeping about bees in front of a stranger. I was on Skype meeting Aja Horsley for the first time. Aja is the lovely owner of Drizzle Honey, one of our sponsors for the Self Care Starter Kits at the upcoming retreat (only 2 spots left, if you […]

On Grace, Grit, & Entrepreneurial Dating

New to this adventure? Start here. Dear Nurturers, A friend asked me recently if I was ‘dating these days’ and I was about to respond: “ain’t nobody got time for that” when I stopped abruptly and changed my tack mid-sentence: “Actually, yes. I have been dating, but not romantically. Entrepreneurially.” I’ve been connecting with fellow entrepreneurs […]

If you are in my life, you are my teacher.

New to this adventure? Start here. Dear Nurturers, Time travel with me. It's six years ago and a deeply bewildered but curious me is sitting on an IKEA Poang chair in a small room. I'm surrounded by curios – feathers and stones artfully arranged, making altars of corners, windowsills and the rims of plant saucers. There are bookshelves heavy […]

Pioneering the Possible

New to this adventure? Start here! Dear Nurturers, It's raining in that delicious 'it's fall and I'm cozy inside' way as I write this, a few hours later than I meant to. You see, I got distracted in the grocery store produce section today by some of this season's local bounty and was inspired to buy […]