This brief form is an opportunity for us to get to know one another and connect before the retreat. Your feedback and sharing here helps us shape the retreat into the kind of experience that is tailored, intentional and that resonates deeply because it touches on your personal passions and addresses your needs.

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Was it through a friend? A Facebook click-through? Late night Instagram scrolling? Destiny? If you want to hear how it showed up in mine, watch this video:
What areas of your life do you feel need nurturing?

Be as general or specific as you like!
Where or when do you feel the most creatively inspired?

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What would support for your creative self look or feel like to you?

What does Self Care mean to you?

Name 3 things you saw or experienced lately that reminded you there is beauty in this world:

What's been on your heart or mind that's kept you up at night recently?

Any allergies or food sensitivities you'd like us to creatively embrace during your stay? *

Seriously, it's no trouble – it's a pleasure! One of the things we're passionate about at Nurture is menus that are hearty, healthy & feel indulgent even if you have restrictions. We use those restrictions as an invitation to get creative, so list away!
What haven't we touched on? Anything else you'd like us to know?

We'll get cozy & connected over warm meals or long chats on the dock or the porch swing while at the retreat, but until then, there's nothing we'd love more than to know what makes you smile, what's happening in your life, & how we can champion and support you in whatever season you're in.
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If you select either option 1 or 2, we will be in touch to confirm your spot and send you your invoice. Spots are secured after the initial down payment clears. A full description of all that's included is available at We're excited to get creative with you!
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I'm simply curious about this offering and would like to hear about future retreats. Please add me to your email list!

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