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On-boarding Process

Please let me know what worked and where there is room for improvement with respect to how you found out about, signed up, paid for, and were sent information about the retreat. If you were a facilitator/photographer, please speak to that experience.

How did you feel about your accommodations? Anything we can improve upon? Was it important to you to have your own room? Would you be open to sharing? How important was the location to the experience? There have been those who have suggested more upscale lodging would help with the perceived value of the current pricing. Would you agree?

If Nurture was hosted elsewhere, how far would you consider driving to attend?

Please describe what you liked and any room for improvement with respect to the workshops. Consider timing, content, instruction style, materials provided and actionable takeaways. How did what you learned in the workshop affect how you relate to your life and your business moving forward? Which was your favourite and why? What elements didn’t resonate and why? If you hosted a workshop, please describe your experience doing so. Did you feel supported in that process? Is there some aspect of the process leading up to facilitation that is missing or needs work?

How did you feel about the balance between workshops and down time? Did you feel you got enough time alone, if needed?

Was the menu to your satisfaction? Any feedback on what worked and what could use improvement is much appreciated.
Pricing Re-envisioning

Having experienced the retreat at 1/3 of its regular price (with the understanding that the regular pricing has been professionally valued and is competitive with similar offerings), what are your thoughts on its value as it pertains to the price? If that price does not resonate, what range does? I am interested in any suggestions as to how to best make the retreat accessible financially without compromising its quality. Should the price decrease, I will need to adjust the offerings. Which element of the retreat would you consider removing/re-envisioning to account for that difference? Open to any and all suggestions!
Time of Year
You would be most interested/available to attend and/or best afford a retreat during which time of year? Check all that apply.
Time of Week
Please indicate your preference in terms of when you would feel most inclined/available to attend a retreat. Click all that apply.
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Timing Context

Please provide context as to why a particular season/month and time of week works or doesn’t, as relevant to what informs your decision. Ie: an obvious one might be not December due to Christmas, while entrepreneurs in the wedding industry might not be inclined to attend during wedding season. All of this information is most helpful.
Facilitator Integration

One of the largest expense realities is hosting 4 facilitators, a photographer & a retreat assistant and have the attendees carry that cost as well as the food, supplies, lodgings, etc. (not to mention profit margins). It takes up half of the accommodation spots as well as counts as an expense currently, as facilitators are also paid. One suggestion was to integrate costs, ie: since the facilitators are also attendees (ie: no real hierarchy), perhaps instead of paying them a facilitation fee, their accommodations could be supplemented and their supplies would be covered, but it would still cost (at a reduced rate) to attend as a facilitator. This would bring the costs down but also change the feel a bit. Curious to know your thoughts. In an ideal world, I would be able to pay facilitators (and pay them well), but this is one area that could be re-imagined if it feels right.
Website Suggestions

From the informed perspective of having attended the retreat, please refer back to the website to point out anything significant that both supports or does NOT support a potential attendee to attend Nurture (consider ease of navigation, content, positioning, visuals, and importantly how well what you actually experienced at Nurture is communicated and how). What is missing? What is superfluous or unclear?

Consider your pre-Nurture self. What shifted for you post-attending? What were the tangible and intangible takeaways? How did you change? What really resonated for you about the experience? What were the highlights? How did attending make you FEEL?
In Your Own Words

How would you describe Nurture to a friend? In your eyes: What is it? What happens there? Who is it for? What makes it special?
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