Nurture: A Retreat wishes to engage your services for one of the following positions for the upcoming Spring, 2018 retreat:

  • Retreat Workshop Facilitator
  • Guest Photographer
  • Retreat Assistant

These positions, as a unit, will heretofore be referred to as 'Retreat Team Members'.


The Retreat proper will run from 10:00am – 6:00pm on Sunday, March 25th, 2018.

The Retreat Team Members are expected to arrive on site the morning of the retreat for set up & check in between 9:00am-9:30am unless other prior arrangements have been made.


For services above, remuneration for Retreat Workshop Facilitators/Guest Photographers will be provided as a flat-rate honorarium in the amount of $250 for a Self Care & Creativity-themed workshop of ~2hrs duration OR Guest Photography Services, as specified. Upon receipt of an invoice from the Retreat Team Member, this honorarium will be paid via e-transfer the first possible business day after the scheduled retreat.

On certain occasions there are other arrangements made in lieu of an honorarium. If this is the case, this will be outlined and agreed upon separately as each case requires.


  • Fully catered lunch, drinks, snacks (organic & local where possible)
  • Participation in all workshops offered during retreat
  • Membership in a growing, collaborative community of like-minded creatives with opportunities to cross-pollinate in other ventures and projects
  • Attending an evening of food & fellowship prior to the retreat for the Retreat Team Member Dinner (see further details, below)

NOTE: The retreat location is at 58 Wade Ave, Toronto, ON. Transportation to and from the retreat location is your responsibility. Conveniently, it is located a short walk from the Bloor/Lansdowne subway station.


Each Nurture: A Retreat workshop materials will be covered by Nurture: A Retreat, with a conversation between Retreat Founder and Retreat Workshop Facilitator to determine a reasonable budget. This amount obviously varies greatly depending on the contents and scope of each workshop. Please prepare a list of needed materials and presumed costs to present to Retreat Founder as early as possible.

Retreat Workshop Facilitators are required to hand in receipts for all materials purchased within the budget amount to the Retreat Founder by the morning of the first day of the Retreat. The Retreat Founder is able to procure certain materials with advance notice and a mutual conversation about what is specifically needed.

Retreat Workshop Facilitators will be reimbursed the amount of the totaled receipts that represent the agreed-upon materials budget the first business day after the scheduled retreat.


The Retreat Team Members agree to act as active ambassadors for the Nurture: A Retreat community. This may include: sharing about their involvement in the retreat on social media, actively promoting via word of mouth or other channels, as appropriate.


If there is an issue or task that requires further detail clarification or follow-up than email allows, phone calls or in-person meetings can be scheduled with the Retreat Founder (647-268-0765).

Additionally, there will be a Retreat Team Member Dinner hosted by Sonja leading up to the retreat (date TBD via Doodle Poll). This intentional time together helps to create a cohesive team vision & feel for this particular Nurture: A Retreat iteration – they’re fun, fellowship-filled, and fueled by good food & drink.


All Retreat Team Members are encouraged to embody the spirit of the retreat throughout the scheduled programme.*

Workshop Facilitators: agree to do all preparatory work for and lead their own workshop, while also providing additional support for other workshop leaders as needed/appropriate, with the support of the Retreat Founder and Retreat Assistant.

Retreat Assistant: agrees to take initiative and contribute where needed, anticipating needs in advance and following requests from Retreat Founder. The idea is to help lessen the workload of the Retreat Founder who is also catering the retreat. Tasks may include: kitchen prep & clean up, furniture set up and all manner of miscellaneous tasks as they pop up. This is a collaborative, non-hierarchical position.

Please note that special care is taken to ensure Retreat Team Members also enjoy private downtime to relax and rejuvenate.

*See Nurture: A Retreat Mission Statement, etc. below.


Guest Photographer agrees:

  • to document the retreat photographically according to her own inspiration (a small number of specific shots may be requested and agreed upon in advance with the Retreat Founder, ie: shots of sponsored products in context of retreat)
  • to edit and share the best of these photos with the Retreat Founder in a timely manner.

Fair Use, Artistic License and Copyright:

Nurture: A Retreat will retain copyright of the concept and implied content of the documented workshops as they exist visually within the scope of Nurture: A Retreat, ie: photographs from these workshops or this retreat may not be used to promote any other event or business with the exception of:

a) promotion of sponsored products or events promoted under the Nurture name by Nurture, or

b) the photographer's own photography business

Should any of the sponsors wish to have access to the photos of their products for use beyond sharing the original social media/blog post(s) from Nurture, a separate agreement and appropriate remuneration & credit would need to be discussed and signed prior to release.

Nurture: A Retreat (Sonja Seiler) is granted license to use photographs submitted by the Guest Photographer of the Workshops and Retreat for any appropriate use (publicity, website, posters, social media, etc.). In every case, the Guest Photographer will be fully and appropriately linked and credited. Guest photographer retains full copyright of the images.

The Guest Photographer has the right to grant access to all, or only to a specific number of photographs, to participating Retreat Workshop Facilitators/Assistants and retreat participants for appropriate use and sharing on social media, etc. It is understood that any sharing or use of these images would include proper credit and links to both the Guest Photographer and to Nurture: A Retreat.

The Guest Photographer is entitled to full artistic license in conjunction and collaboration in initial consultation with Retreat Founder, according to and inspired by the existing aesthetic and values of Nurture: A Retreat (outlined below).


The Retreat Founder reserves the right to cancel the retreat at any time, for any reason. In the event of a cancellation, all materials costs purchased to date will be reimbursed in full (unless the facilitator wishes to keep them) and a conversation will be had between the Retreat Founder and Retreat Workshop Facilitators regarding the Facilitator Fee, to reach a mutual agreement taking context into consideration.


The Retreat Workshop Facilitators agree in good faith not to simply ‘copy and paste’ their Nurture: A Retreat workshop and sell or offer it as their own offering with the same name and/or the Nurture: A Retreat ethos.

Retreat Workshop Facilitators will be introduced to and appropriately grounded in the spirit of Nurture: A Retreat in co-creative collaboration through an initial consultation with the Retreat Founder. Retreat Workshop Facilitators are then given free reign to create their  workshop offerings according to how they are personally inspired by the existing aesthetic & values of Nurture: A Retreat and their personal creative and self care practices.

Retreat Team Members will be fully supported in their work by the Retreat Founder. If there are any difficulties, concerns or questions leading up to or during the retreat, please do let the Retreat Founder know.

Both the Retreat Founder and all Retreat Team Members agree to adhere to the ethics and values as outlined in the Nurture: A Retreat Mission Statement, Team Member Values & Qualities (below).


Designed as a haven for artists, entrepreneurs & holistic wellness professionals to connect with their creative hearts and with one another, Nurture: A Retreat aims to nourish the parts (of oneself &/or one’s business) that need tending. It is a sanctuary of personal, creative restoration and inspiration.

The essence of the offerings at hand are built on a foundation of self care via community, connection, & creativity.

The approach is rooted in creatively encouraging personal and professional growth through the art of loving self care. The core belief is that there is healing in embracing beauty, surrounding and aligning oneself with the natural world and working with our hands to create. Bringing our issues and pain points to the alchemy of creative expression in all its forms truly nourishes and transforms. This love of beauty, intentional creativity and respect for the natural process of things is reflected in the feel, aesthetic & attention to detail invested into every aspect of this retreat, from the tangibles (menus, workshop offerings, design & aesthetic, etc.) to the intangibles (ethical & sustainable business practices, spiritual foundation, ecological considerations, community involvement, etc). There is a strong focus on community and the power and creative potential that sparks when people from varying backgrounds (creative, occupational, cultural and otherwise) share ideas over a meal.

We seek to educate, inspire and foster a self care ethic in all programs by intentionally nourishing and supporting those who offer them as well as those who participate. Self care for the caregiver/artist/entrepreneur is vital to the success of any endeavour, both personal and business-related. In fact, we believe the two are inseparable and intentionally operate from that philosophy.


  • we are sensitive/intuitive and know what it means to really listen
  • we are women who walk their talk
  • we’re wholehearted
  • we have creative skills that come as easy to us as breathing
  • we have a deep desire to be of service to others
  • we’re passionate & curious & spontaneous when a situation calls for it
  • we’re compassionate & empathetic
  • aesthetics thrill us
  • we live by a spiritual compass and have faith in something greater than ourselves, call it what we will
  • we love good food & eating it & enjoy sharing meals with others
  • we have a keen eye for detail
  • we exhibit & exude interpersonal warmth & are community-minded
  • we have the ability to build genuine rapport
  • we’ve got previous experience facilitating groups/workshops
  • we practice ‘principles before personalities’ & have practice setting & honouring appropriate boundaries
  • we’ve found buried treasure from coming out the other end of a ‘dark night of the soul’
  • we’ve established a successful online presence & have the ability to engage compellingly & sensitively in an online community

Photos on this page by Sara Monika Photography.

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