You’re feeling isolated and in need of a community who understands the particular ups and downs of being an entrepreneur.

You want to find kindred creatives to learn from, collaborate with and be inspired by. Since the most fruitful and sincere connections are often built around the dinner table, we have cooked up a space for you to show up and be fed both in spirit and in body.

Each month, Nurture offers a collaborative intimate dining experience that is part community incubator, part supper club, part creative discourse on self care and the artistic process – all delicious, organic, and served family-style.


  • Wines that tell stories, curated by SOIF
  • Three course dinner inspired by the spirit and aesthetic of Madeleine Hayles of experience-based wine consulting company, SOIF, and the Nurture philosophy of care & attention
  • Creative presentation by Madeleine Hayles, founder of SOIF
  • Community and connection with people up to amazing creative things

Merriment and connection are abundant. Seats are limited – get yours today!

**Allergies and food sensitivities wholeheartedly embraced with advance notice.**





WHEN:  Friday, December 7th, 7:00PM – 10:00PM

WHERE:  The Depanneur1033 College St. Toronto, ON

COST:  $79

WHO’S IT FOR?  Creatives, Entrepreneurs & those that love to support them.  


Nurture Logo


Nurture creates and inspires authentic, compassion-based experiences and creative community through retreats, retreat catering and Harvest Table Dinners – a safe space to show up exactly as one is.

When you start off as an entrepreneur, you are sold the “latte and laptop in my pajamas” fairy tale.

The reality is that starting your business is a mirror that brings up all your insecurities and shadow spots around issues of worth, integrity, communication, and self care.

There are very few spaces that allow a conversation about how it feels when being an entrepreneur gets hard, because there is this notion that we need to present an “everything’s wonderful here” face to society. The industry is lacking in safe spaces for entrepreneurs to gather in community to talk about the intersections of their lives and businesses in an honest, vulnerable, supportive way.

Multiple offerings promise “Better Business Alignment” or “Self Care Retreats” but they claim the answer is in the offering. At Nurture, the offering is a safe space where you can creatively dialogue with the questions and the answers that are always and already IN YOU.

Doing so in community with like-minded entrepreneurs forges real, honest connection and includes a ripple effect of cross-collaboration and new projects by retreat and Harvest Table Dinner attendees and Nurture alumni.



SOIF is an experience-based wine consulting initiative by founder, sommelier Madeleine Hayles. Combining her love of the unconventional pairing with her clever, nuanced, feelings-filled palate, Madeleine evokes stories through her wine selections and passionate anecdotes. . 


Depanneur Logo


Founded in 2011 by Len Senater, The Dep is an ongoing, evolving experiment, prototype and proof-of-concept exploring food’s role in building community, creating opportunity and celebrating diversity. It has evolved over the years into a kind of convivial urban food hub where food producers, creators and consumers can connect and explore new food ideas in a fun, informal setting. It’s “a place where interesting food things happen.”


Do you accommodate allergies and food sensitivities?

Absolutely! One thing you might not know about Nurture is the fact that allergies and food sensitivities are accommodated with the opposite approach those of you who need to eat this way might be used to. Cardboard baked goods, fruit plates and soy substitutes will never grace your plate at Nurture. Instead, we get really passionate about working with restrictions in such a way that an attendee with limited food options feels NO limits at the table. A custom version of everything you see on the menu will be yours to enjoy.

Is it assigned seating? How does seating work? What if I’m bringing a friend?

When you register for your ticket(s), you’ll be sent a brief questionnaire where you get to elaborate about who you are, your creative projects, etc. We take great care to get to know about our attendees so that we can seat you intentionally close to people we think you’ll be inspired by or make a particular connection with. If you bring a friend or partner, we usually seat you across from one another so you both have new people on either side to get to know, as well as one another.

Is it okay to come alone? What if I’m a bit shy?

When you walk in the door, you are family. These dinners were built specifically and intentionally as the antithesis of the antiseptic, socially awkward wine & cheese mingling events where people pass out pitches and business cards. We’re all about an evening where you don’t have to hide behind a veneer of having it all together, but get to show up as yourself and gather with others who are also invested in the same. We have had a few people attend who would admit to being very shy, all of whom remarked on how welcome they felt and how easy it was to connect with others.

Do you have a cancellation policy? What if something comes up and I can’t make it?

We recognize that outer circumstances beyond your control sometimes happen and are always sorry to miss having you at our dinners when that is the case. If you can find someone to take your place, we are happy to offer a full refund, minus a small processing fee.

Otherwise, we are unable to offer refunds or honour tickets for future events due to a combination of two key factors:

1) The perishable nature of the food items purchased for each dinner, which much of the ticket price goes towards.

2) Our limited-seating venue charges per person. That being said, we would love to offer you a 50% off code to attend a future dinner, if that is the case. Simply message us through Artery or email and we’ll send it to you!